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Deweer Gallery Estate / KETELEER GALLERY - solo show Enrique Marty - Mutatis Mutandis

  • Enrique Marty, Orphan IV, mixed media, 2020

room 3

KETELEER GALLERY is very pleased to present Mutatis Mutandis – Changing what needs to be changed, a new solo exhibition by Enrique Marty (°1969. Salamanca, Spain), his second solo exhibition in the new Platform 6a space and a return to where his collaboration with Deweer Gallery began. The exhibition will consist of an entirely new series of exceptional sculptures and watercolours.

Enrique Marty’s new oeuvre is the result of 18 months of work and a continuation on themes with which he has been working for a long time such as the ‘unheimliche’ of the family sphere, social and individual behavioural structures, the absurdity of life and society, memories, art history … but also the typical visual and narrative systems the art world seems to use over and over again.

Marty wants to resist the temptation of using a superficially recognizable visual language to connect the works from different series to make it easy for the viewer to understand. From the aesthetic point of view the series differ greatly. Marty allows himself total freedom and lets the subject inform his aesthetic decisions. Marty has been using this strategy of prioritizing subject matter over visual qualities since the beginning of his career and this has allowed him to follow the depths of his thinking in a rewardingly unrestrained manner. At the conceptual level, however, there’s a strong thematic connection to be found between the series. The new works are all, in their own unique way, reflections on the inevitability of transience and change, inspired by recent events such as the pandemic, at a global level, and the death of his parents, on a personal level.

Photography: copyright Denis Decaluwé