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Walking through the empty buildings of Deweer Gallery in Otegem, one can feel a little light. One can see in one's imagination the gallery as it was before. The rooms are filled with shadows of works of art and artists, attractive openings and sumptuous exhibitions - events for which one used to keep the whole Sunday afternoon free. 

At the beginning of September 2019, brothers Bart and Gerald Deweer announce a change. With a view to reorienting the gallery, they turn a page in the Deweer family history. A turnaround they approach from a surprising and unexpected perspective. The collection of modern and contemporary art that the Deweer family has built up in over more than 40 years is from now on part of the Deweer Gallery Estate. This, in effect, concretises the cooperation with the Antwerp-based KETELEER GALLERY. 

The end of a chapter heralds the start of a new concept. Bart and Gerald Deweer quickly developed the idea to repurpose the available gallery spaces. The interactive process in which art and the experience of art interweave is to be the foundation for PLATFORM 6a. With this concept, Bart and Gerald Deweer aim to make their site available for art events with the aim of creating a lively mix between private and corporate collections, artists, galleries, people from the design world and other artistic disciplines. This gives these various individuals the opportunity to organise exclusive activities in situ, thereby returning the location to its original purpose. They welcome their clients and/or relations in a place that bears witness to a rich artistic past.

PLATFORM 6a is to be a concept that is fuelled by diversity. The entire site is in indeed split up into several experiential spaces. The gallery spaces on the ground floor will be occupied for a considerable period by art collectors Marc Coucke (Room 1) and Tanguy & Bieke Van Quickenborne (Room 2). Work from our own collection will be publicly displayed and alternately curated throughout this whole period. In the spaces occupied by Vanquickenborne, Philippe Van Cauteren will be taking care of the first presentation of the art collection. This nomadic gallery concept takes the collected work out of its private context. The visitor is shown extraordinary works of art in a very unique setting.       

PLATFORM 6a opens its doors on 2 October 2020. In the lobby of the site, where the actual events will take place, there is a temporary exhibition of the young artist Sybren Vanoverberghe. Deweer Gallery Estate aims to give young and very promising talent the opportunity to introduce themselves to the general public. In addition, in the gallery space on the upper floor (Room 3) there will be at least 2 big exhibitions every year, presented by KETELEER GALLERY and Deweer Gallery Estate. Here, a mix of both will be shown.

The idea around the concept of PLATFORM 6a came about almost organically, as an extension, through which the brothers Deweer confront the public (and the art entourage) with their interpretation of 'experiencing art'. An initiative of symbolic value, as it is in keeping with the true identity of the family business to bring people together on the basis of a passion for art.

Kathy de Nève, June 2020